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japanese weekend nursing and maternity customer feedback

I absolutely love your clothes - you've got the best nursing wear in terms of quality, functionality and design worldwide! I'm a roaming global citizen and I've tried dozens of international brands and yours is really top standard.
Maida, Australia

This is my third pregnancy and I have tried most pregnancy brands. Hands down, my favorite brand is Japanese Weekend. The clothes and styles they produce are incredibly flattering for a growing belly. The fabrics they use have stood up over the years. As soon as I am done wearing them, I simply put them into storage and use them again for the next pregnancy. Their fit is wonderful. Its classic and flattering and they don’t hurt as you grow. Their price point does tent to be higher than your average pregnancy wear, but I can tell you that it is worth the extra money as you won’t have to throw them away after a nine month use. My kids are 14 years apart and I have managed to wear the same stuff for over 14 years. I know, crazy. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Especially when they are having their super sales! So don’t even bother looking anywhere else.
B. G., Houston, TX

I saw a fellow pregnant friend yesterday - she had on the gaucho pants, and I am going to order them today. My husband bought me a JW top for my last pregnancy, which was less than a year ago, and it is by FAR my favorite. Thanks for making us pregnant babes look GREAT, JW!

I am now 2 months pregnant with my second child and am definitely starting to show. The clothes from my first pregnancy were cheaply made and didn't even last through that pregnancy much less to this one. A friend suggested Japanese Weekend and gave me a few of her tops. I am hooked already! She had used them her whole pregnancy (one for 2 pregnancies) and they looked brand new and so stylish! I'm extra excited to be pregnant now because I get to shop for new fun clothes. Thanks!
Liz, New Jersey

Japanese Weekend funky fun prints have made my maternity wardrobe more exciting than all my pre-pregnancy clothes! The cuts and colors are cute and flattering - making all my non-pregnant friends ask "Where did you get that?...." Japanese Weekend clothes let me enjoy my changing shape and have fun with fashion during pregnancy - what more can you ask for?
A. Bailey, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

After seeing my truly sad giant-panel, saggy maternity jeans my best friends rescued me with a trip to Japanese Weekend in San Francisco. Not only was the staff lovely but the clothes were like another miracle of pregnancy! I had become so discouraged with the major maternity retailers that I was beginning to understand why people just spend nine months in sweatpants. JW has great style AND fit, especially for petite women, and I love that there is so much you can wear to work. I would love to see more undergarments (especially bras) since that has been a big challenge for me as well. Keep up the great work!
Rebecca, Cotati, CA

I was just introduced to Japanese Weekend and I love it!!! I created a wish list since I am in the process of updating my maternity clothes. I think Japanese Weekend's website is amazing all the different styles are a must have. I am definetelly telling all my friends, they are going to love the styles?
Carolina S, IL

I'm 22 weeks along and my first JW purchase was the 3/4 Sleeve Surplice Nursing Pajamas and I absolutely love them. They make me feel feminine and good about my changing shape as they are so flattering and comfortable. Are there any plans to offer them in another fabric like flannel for the colder winter months?
Amy, Albany, CA

I first discovered Japanese Weekend Maternity clothes through a local baby shop in my home town. At the time, I was pregnant with my third child. My first JW purchase was the 3/4 Sleeve Surplice Nursing Pajamas. The best thing about these pajamas is the fact that you can wear them during and after your pregnancy and they are great for nursing your little one. Since discovering JW, I have had a fourth child and I have added many pieces to my wardrobe. I particularly like to purchase the d&a™ clothing because I can wear them long after my baby is born. My youngest child is two months old and I still purchase clothing from JW because the nursing tops are superb! I love the style of JW's clothes because they are very flattering, very hip and very hot (sexy). Thanks to Japanese Weekend, I now know that there is such a thing as being pregnant and sexy at the same time! Thanks JW!!!
Leslie, Bonaire, GA

Japanese Weekend Maternity clothes are so fashionable, stylish and comfortable...not to mention downright cool! I received so many compliments, both during and after...it almost makes me want to have another baby! The styles and fabrics are very flattering and easy to wear...even styles I didn't think would look good on me. The pieces are definitely cut w/ the pregnant woman in mind...no more potato sack frocks. This stuff is what being pregnant is all about...showing off your curves and feeling good about it! The styles are fun, contemporary and easy to wear...I am still wearing many pieces 11 weeks after having a baby, not because I can't fit into my regular clothes, but because I like my JW wardrobe better! The only thing I regret about choosing not to have any more children is not being able to buy more JW outfits!
Sheri, Boston, MA

JW's maternity clothes were the ONLY clothes that grew with me throughout my entire pregnancy -- I don't know how I would have survived without the pants! I wore the matte jersey pants constantly. They were super flattering, even as my backside expanded (a common, but unpleasant effect of pregnancy). I also loved all of the shirts from JW. From simple T-shirts to work-appropriate V-necks, the fit on all of the JW clothes was much more flattering than other brands, and the materials were much higher quality. The jeans were great too - no scary panel! Any everything was machine washable, which was super!
April, Frederick, MD

Thank goodness a friend introduced me to Japanese Weekend maternity! I started wearing the clothes at the end of my third month before I was truly showing. To everyone else they looked like regular clothes but to me they were a comfortable, sexy, and chic way to maintain my sense of style while I developed through my pregnancy. It's like the designers at Japanese Weekend have been there and know how to flatter the parts of my body I am proud of during my pregnancy and how to camouflage the necessary evils that are part of the miracle. In other words, thank you for showing of my baby bump and hiding my fat. I can be pregnant and still feel stylish, hip and sexy thanks to Japanese Weekend. Now if they could only make a pair of 5 inch heels that don't require foot surgery after every wear.
Julie, Tampa, FL