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hug a boo™ - good for you, good for the planet
    hug yourself with hug a boo™
    enjoy the natural beauty of our bamboo fiber fabric. you will feel luxurious in its natural sheen and silky softness. wonderfully fluid and elastic, this naturally breathable and antibacterial fabric will grow with your changing body providing year round comfort.
    hug the planet with hug a boo™
    with a growth cycle of 3-5 years bamboo is a highly sustainable and renewable resource. It requires no replanting and has no need for pesticides and fertilizers to maintain its title of the fastest growing plant in the world. to top it off, bamboo is a vital resource for soil and water conservation.

pure future organics - creating a future for you and the life within you

our pure future fabric is made from certified organic cotton, free of harmful chemicals. we know that you will love the soft comfort and performance of our organic styles.

producing locally - for the good of our earth and our community

our hug a boo™ and pure future organic fabrics are knit in California, but we bring it even closer to home by sewing our garments within 15 miles of our San Francisco based corporate headquarters. at Japanese Weekend we believe in producing locally.