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mamacoat™ outerwear - 3 in 1 convertible maternity and babywearing coat

Best convertible coat ever!

The patented mamacoat™ sees you through your pregnancy, carrying your baby in a front pack for as long as you choose, and then take out the panel and wear the mamacoat™ for years to come!

Two distinct panels allow for maximum flexibility, one for pregnancy and one for the baby. What mothers love most-dress your child for normal indoor activities, add the cute matching all weather infant hat, once your baby is in your front carrier, zip up the coat and go outside.

Your little one has fallen asleep while you were outside, want to go inside now and take off your coat? Go ahead - you won't wake your baby! Your love bug stays quiet and happy in the front pack. You can remove your mamacoat™ without disturbing your infant. A plus for you, you now have a choice, you do not have to leave your coat on for fear of waking your child. You won't have to roast inside while your darling sleeps!

Best mom feature ever!

Besides the incredible multi functionality of the mamacoat™ the coat includes two flap and snap breast pockets, two hip pockets, a pouch in the baby panel for "baby essentials", removable hood with adjustable toggles, flattering sash, warm lining inside the coat, water resistant outer fabric, and of course two zip-in panels, one for pregnancy and one for you and your baby, and yes of course the cute baby hat with flaps to cover the little ears!

Great value! When your little one is walking, remove all the panels and wear the classic styled coat for years to come. Look good, feel good, have a happy life!